Welcome & About Us

Group Objective: 

The A-Team is primarily run by individuals with Aspergers Syndrome, for individuals with Aspergers Syndrome, with some assistance from Bridges to Belonging. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment to meet fellow adults with Aspergers Syndrome [or ASD – level 1], discuss topics of interest, share experiences, and embrace our neurological diversity.

Target Audience: 

This group is intended for adults, aged 18+, who are either diagnosed or self identify with Aspergers Syndrome (or Autism Spectrum Disorder – level 1), and who are seeking support. We welcome individuals who are able to function at a vocational level, whether this is through volunteer work, employment or academic endeavours. Participants should be able to comprehend the discussion topics with some sense of self-awareness and personal insight.

Are you interested? If you are, please send an email to ateam.waterlooregion@gmail.com and check out our code of conduct as well as our upcoming meeting dates.

Do you know someone who might be interested? If you do, please share our webpage or email.