We Hope you are all Having a Fabulous February so Far!

Lots of new information for you this month!

First, we are looking for anyone with information about driver training programs suitable for people with ASD, preferably in the Waterloo Region. If you have any experience with an appropriate organization or program, please email us!

Also, As part of this year’s Mainly Mozart’s Mozart & The Mind, Mainly Mozart and the Art of Autism are sponsoring an art contest with cash prizes titled Finding Your Inner “MozArt.”  For more information please visit: https://the-art-of-autism.com/finding-your-inner-mozart-art-contest/

Finally, if you are interested in participating in a study about employment experiences (separate from the study highlighted below) please email us for more information!

Our upcoming (private) meeting will be held on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at the regular time and place. Please check our ‘Upcoming meeting dates’ page for the topic to be discussed.

Hope to see you there!


Wishing Everyone a Jolly January!


We hope that your first few days of 2019 have been good.

FYI Our website has been updated with the upcoming months’ meeting topics. Our ‘Past Guest Speakers’ page has also been updated with notes and information from our December 2018 meeting.

We look forward to some great discussions over the next several months!


Specialsterne is recruiting!

Checkout their latest recruitment flyer here

You can also check out their ‘opportunities’ page: http://ca.specialisterne.com/opportunities/

Specialsterne will also be hosting workshops at the University of Waterloo as part of the Employment Bridging Program for their neurodiverse students and recent grads. They have quite a few co-op, internship and summer job opportunities coming up, and are hoping to meet with students to be able to recommend them for those roles.
The workshop will be held on Friday, January 25th. Anyone interested can find out more information on our website about how to register: http://ca.specialisterne.com/bridge/
They will also be hosting a workshop at the University of Guelph on January 22nd.
For more information please contact Lauren Abramson at lauren.abramson@specialisterne.com

Tonight’s Meeting – **Potential**Cancellation


Today’s forecast is predicting another snowy evening.

For your information: we MAY have to cancel tonight’s meeting. But this is ONLY IF the snow continues to fall and the driving conditions become worrisome. IF the meeting is cancelled, we will be sure to reschedule Carol McMullen’s presentation/ discussion in the new year.

Please check your email around 5PM for an update regarding whether or not the meeting will cancelled. Until then, you may assume that the meeting is still going to occur.

Thanks for your understanding and stay safe/ warm out there!

What’s New this Dandy December!

Please note that this month’s meeting will take place this week on Thursday, December 6th, 2018, rather than on the third Thursday of the month. This is to accommodate busy holiday/ end-of-year schedules.

This month we will have the pleasure of hearing from Carol McMullen, Learning Disabilities Specialist and a Family or Personal Coach. She will discuss some strategies and tips for organization. Please bring your calendar/ planner/ agenda if you plan to attend. Carol’s presentation is sure to be interesting and informative. Hope to see you there!

Wishing everyone happiness and cheer over the next few weeks!…Until next year, take care!


Hi all!

The weather has started to get bad, but given that some people are already on their way we WILL NOT be cancelling tonight’s meeting. That said, please stay off of the roads if you don’t feel it’s safe for you to commute in tonight OR be very careful on the roads if you do chose to come out to the meeting.

Notes from tonight’s guest lecture will be provided for those who are not able to attend.


The A Team




Have a Nifty November!

This month we will have the pleasure of hearing from PhD Candidate Karisa Parkington. She will talk to the group about ASD research and discuss her specific research interests. Karisa’s presentation is sure to be interesting and informative. Friends, family members and/ or supportive persons are welcome to attend as well! We kindly ask that all those planning to attend RSVP and indicate with whom, if anyone, they will be attending.

Our upcoming meeting will be held at the regular place and time. Hope to see you there!

Other Opportunities:

  • Ask a Self Advocate
    Ask a Self-Advocate 2-pager
  • Specialisterne Canada is an organization that works with employers to recruit people on the autism spectrum or those who identify as neurodivergent. Some of their clients include: SAP, Accenture, IBM, Ericsson and many of the large banks.

    As part of a new project called the Employment Bridging Program, Specialisterne Canada are currently working with the University of Waterloo to help place their students into short-term employment opportunities like co-ops and internships. They will be holding workshops (our version of an interview) on campus on November 9th and 10th. If you or any of your colleagues are working with any university students or recent grads, this would be a great opportunity.

    Please see the Specialisterne Canada Executive SummaryBridging Program Brochure and  Bridging Program Overview to learn more.

    More information about Specialisterne Canada can be found here: http://ca.specialisterne.com/opportunities/