Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!
Thank you to all who supported us in 2019 — We are looking forward to many more positive things to come in 2020. We hope that you are too.

For those of you who attended our December meeting lead by our guest speaker Daniel AustinA winner of the ‘crisp’ $1 bill has been selected! Congratulations Brent Cherry!! You are the winner!

ATTENTION: A young man (about 20 years old) is in need of a  support person. He has ASD Level 2 and is looking for someone to help with daily living tasks and to offer companionship for a few hours a day. You would be compensated for your time. The ideal candidate would be someone who is interested in trading card games (i.e. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!) and is available 3-5 days a week. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in this role please email us for further information.

Our Upcoming A-Team Meeting is THURSDAY, JANUARY 16TH, 2020!

Our next meeting will be a PRIVATE meeting on THURSDAY, JANUARY 16TH, 2020 on the 3rd floor at KW Habilitation (99 Ottawa St. S, Kitchener)
Optional pre-meeting social begins at 7:00pm
Formal discussion to follow at 7:30pm

The topic of the meeting will be BOUNDRY SETTING.

Happy Halloween on to Nifty November!


We have a new page on our website!

Please click the link to check it out: https://ateamwaterlooregion.wordpress.com/emergency-resources/

Our next meeting will be an OPEN meeting on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST, 2019 at the regular place and time. The topic of the meeting will be WORK & NETWORKING w/ GUEST SPEAKER:TIMOTHY NINOMIYA

Happy October!!


Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day will be held again on October 30, 2019
The theme of this year’s event is – Optimize Your Talent : Action Potential
~ Mentee and Mentor registration now open ~
For more information: http://disabilitiesmentoringday.org/


Our next meeting will be a CLOSED meeting on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH, 2019 in the 3rd floor at KW Habilitation (99 Ottawa St. S, Kitchener)
Optional pre-meeting social begins at 7:00pm
Formal discussion to follow at 7:30pm

The topic of the meeting will be GRIEF & ACCEPTANCE WITH GUEST SPEAKER: CRISTINA STANGER – Please see below for a copy of Cristina’s article related to the meeting topic; circulated by the Waterloo Region Family Network



Happy Thanksgiving

We Are Pleased to Announce…

Last night was a success!!

Yesterday evening, A Team co-founder and coordinator, Cristina, gave a short presentation regarding the origins of the group and the difference it makes in our community. She did an amazing job — and as a result the A Team Waterloo Region now has funding from the KW Awesome Foundation!!

This is the very first grant that the A Team has received!.
BIG kudos to Cristina for her amazing pitch! And thank you to all those who were able to support this initiative.

We are humbled by the generosity of the KW Awesome Foundation and plan to do nothing short of Awesome things with the award.


3AmigosPictured: (From left to right) Kat – A Team Coordinator & Facilitator; Cristina – A Team Co-founder, Coordinator & Spokeswoman; Shirley – A Team Co-founder & Coordinator

It’s September!

Welcome back!

We hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer.

Thank you to everyone who was able to fill out our A Team survey. The feedback you provided will help us improve the way we run the A Team.

FYI For this series of meetings (September 2019- June 2020), the pre-meeting social activities will be led by group members. Each month we will ask one person to volunteer to bring./ demonstrate an activity or ‘show and share’ something that they are interested in/ passionate about – this could be a book, hobby, song, etc. The hope is that this will help us get to know one another, and give us some fun things to learn and discuss.

Wishing all a Jolly July!

Our support group will NOT be meeting this month. However, the A Team coordinators will be meeting ‘behind the scenes’ to discuss the feedback and ideas that were provided at our last meeting, and to devise a plan for the upcoming year. We will then update our website with the dates and topics for September 2019- June 2020.

If you are interested in doing some summer reading, consider taking a look at our updated ‘recommended further reading‘  list.

Wishing all a Jolly July!